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That’s Vilas Nayak, who designed the book Mast.

He is a master no less. He has been painting the world, well literally! Vilas Nayak is a self taught artist from Bangalore, India who quit his corporate job to follow his passion for art.  Well literally!

His colours waltz music in 3 minutes his paints bring His Holiness alive on a wall sized canvas!

As the music reaches its crescendo so do the brush strokes and before you realize there’s canvas of colours before your eyes!

He has performed in some of the most prestigious stages like United Nations

General Assembly, New York, Formula One Award Ceremony at the Louvre, NBA for LA Clippers and Spurs, Asia's got talent, Got talent world world stage live and many more events in over 35 countries.

Besides entertaining audiences world over, Vilas auctions his live art works for charity and has raised over 1 mn USD for various causes.

His incredible talent to create live art works in few mins has brought him accolades from His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Football legend Pele, Ex presidents of India - Dr.APJ Kalam and Pranab Mukherjee, PM of India Narendra Modi, Musician David Foster, PM of Japan Mr Shinzo Abe, and many more!

Yogi & I

"The year was 2009 and i was on my first TV show amongst many others that were being evaluated to participate in "Inidia's got talent". There were hundreds there and i got a call from Yogi who said his mother was likely to be on a journey and wanted to bless me. He had tracked my number. She spoke to me and told me back then, who she thought i would be. The show was a prelude to the unfolding of the person  that i have become. 

Yogi's mother has since journeyed to live in the stellar space amongst real stars .

To work on Yogi's first book was a privilege that i would mot miss. I am certain his mother showers her blessings upon me that enable me today to walk on stardust.

Art for me is an expression that comes to me from the divine space. I conceive by immersing myself into that space.

Epitaph Vs. Life, falls like a feather upon my eyes and soul  and is deep in meaning. It is the pace of life in a space that rises from life itself and dissolves in space. In  that, this book becomes the universe. The image i created on the cover is as i arise from my immersion in the universe of this magnificent work as it answered for me two of the biggest existential questions: "How much do i need? and what for" 

                                                   - Vilas

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