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This is a self-indulgent paean to love, longing and ultimately life.


Through Charisma’s eventual choice between her two adulators, the author is settling life’s fundamental debate over what constitutes lasting value.

Poetic, lyrical and wistful in tone, this book is to be sipped, just like the wine the author uses to contextualize his ramble.


One can be forgiven for marveling at a version of love that is clearly an echo from the pre-instagram era, an old school world of gender clarity and honor bound chivalry!


There is wonder, there is a generosity of spirit, and there is a chic, back to basics decency.

Here is a person who has lived the fine life.


Ayn Rand, Roald Dahl, Andy Williams…the clear and present shades of a boomer!


There is plenty but there could be more.


One could have it all and yet wish to sign off with the flourish of having loved and lost.

The book sparkles with a surfeit of wordy gems, “an artwork in deception”; “a life beyond anecdotes”; “like my morning boon”; “love begins beyond orgasm” and “life becomes sweet custard”.

The author has clearly been there, done that.

A wealth of worldly experience and a keen eye for the workings of the human heart and mind peeks through the wistful text.


"YourOneLife..!" as the author say, Indeed

The narrative is frenetic with words but languid in thoughts.


The personal notes in calligraphy font towards the end are gems.  There is her diary of which the reader steals a peek. Theres one for Marc from C. and theres another from Bob to his children, affectionate letter from Pa. “Do well in life. You come from good stock.”

And there is a life lessons rich, inspiring, 

Here is a tale of relationships in the words of a thorough gentleman and a man of letters.


It gives you hope in these tech-driven times when our young find it a struggle to relate with each other.

More; its a journey of life itself . From Desire to Désirée

To edit this for me was an immersive experience into life.

Wishing you; the reader and traveller here the best/ 

Neerja Singh

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