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 A desire is everybody's muse.


A thought that inspired me as i wrote Epitaph Vs. Life was a study into "Quanta". 


Here is the seed that i share with you.  

'Quantum theory' received a Nobel prize.


Quanta suggests that there are two universes that exist simultaneously. 

One: where you exist as you are and realise.

Another: where you exist too as you will realise too!

Between them time, plays the pied piper that takes you for a walk in a state of hypnosis.


You just walk into the new room or a

new scene and Voila! meet your self again. 

"The lack of evidence does never mean

the lack of existence" Q.E.D

Thats all there is to it!


From the corporate world of numbers 

targets, to life in the mountains! It afforded me a rare opportunity to reflect, connect my dots, and, establish an arbitrage between my sanity and senility, my vanity and my frugality!

It helped, because, the air here is clean, the dawn sips from a silver bowl and the afternoons are orange..The nights here behold a canopy of stars and starlets and the Moon here plays the Casanova! and I now bathe in this incandescence and have a ringside view from this infinity pool.

An ideal intoxicant for a unique detox!

Besides, Buddhism is in exile here (from Tibet).

My musings below are my reflections, refractions and absorptions. You are invited to:'Sip some and let awesome be awesome'


- Yogi

Misty musings..An anthology of my feelings.. sip these..!!

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