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Yogi lives in a place called,


in the lap of the Himalayas.


Of 'YOL', he says,

"The wind here courses through the eyes of a reed (that some call a flute)


it miraculously turns into melody."


"The high priest of Buddhism,

His Holiness,Dalai Llama from Tibet,

lives a few minutes away.

in exile!"


"If that is where the message of universal peace comes from, then I chose YOL too as my exile to pen this work. Why not!" 



became my natural ally in the journey of my book."

"The question was, How in the encompassing noise around us, would the message in the book; that of 'Life's purpose' reach the masses?" 

"A sense of gratitude to this place that opened her arms to this work and me

inspired the creation of a heartfelt interpretation of YOL."

"YOL is an Army cantonment."


Together with AWWA

(Army Wives Welfare Association)

we marshalled our resources and created for YOL

a 'form' and 'substance' 


While the 'form' will become  wearables styled around


The substance of





"AWWA plays mother to the brave women that lost their brave,

to defend "YourOneLife".


This resonates with a soldier's credo,

"It is for your tomorrow that we give our today"

"A soldier's life is dedicated to :'YourOneLife'


Here is everybody's chance to more than just be proud of our soldiers. 

Be proud to wear "YourOneLife" now.

It is a gift to you from AWWA that mothers 'Veer-Naari' ( Brave Woman)

...and thus Mrs. Ananth from AWWA became the patron of

'Epitaph Vs. Life'

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