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Report Card (BANI Minds) 

Education has moved on from 3 R's of reading, writing and arithmetic.

The recent advancements in technology such as with a.i and chatGPT will severely impact the teacher-learner relationship because the teacher can teach from a text-book but chatGPT knows and does much more.

If a teacher was earlier respected for her or his knowledge, that knowledge is now available on chatGPT.

Watch the video below to understand how students and their minds have been reset to Random and Ambiguous viewing on screen time of upto 6 hours. 

This is COLONISING their MINDS elsewhere, further converting their minds into


Watch the short video below:

The program improves the SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL ASPECTS of the student and produces a  REPORT CARD for the student on 9 parameters: These are: Right brain weightage, Left brain weightage, Social learning, Emotional learning, IQ, EQ, Mind-map, Mind-share, and happiness Index.

This helps the mind expand and deepen cognition temporally and spatially.

Each student will earn her or his own happiness index and the aggregated score of all the students shall show up as the score of your institution. 


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