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Her soul; her motif

To create a motif for her that identifies with the vibe@YOL was only the most natural outcome! 

Her soul is the Pine Tree in the centre.


She was designed with a roulette cut on its edges to denote how "YourOneLife" aspires to travel across the world.

She is about Your 1 Life.

She is about the 2; The soldier and you!

She has 3 colours denoting the 3 spatial dimensions of the universe. 

She has 4 doors that salute a soldier for all

4 seasons. 

She invites you to the immersion

of your 5 senses in the 5 elements around herself. 


She has 6 wavy postal lines that denote

all we know of the universe

that exists only in 6 dimensions. 


These 6 are:

Who, What/which, How, When, Where and Why.

She invites you to:

YOL- YourOneLife

If you are wearing a brand now, it may be dumb. Yol have a story to tell.

Don't just wear a dumb brand, wear a brand that has bravery woven in threads..Yol is not a brand, She is "YourOneLife"

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