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A pulsing of real life, inspired by renowned fables
"The Alchemist”


“The Monk who Sold His Ferrari". 

Real life is different and overarches those two. 
This work contrasts both those two! 


Fables are placebos and soothing, only unreal. Like, "The Hare and the Tortoise".
In real life a hare does never race a tortoise.


Life is like a game of Rugby that is scored on the Epitaph. So, its about keeping the game honest, clean and shining!

History is witness; the railroad between

Venice and Vienna was built with a hope.


A hope, that someday a locomotive would run on it. 

Years later a locomotive did.

  The outcome of hope lies in the

audacious depths

and courage of conviction.

All that we have had

or have around ourselves

or shall ever have

was once and is considered 'impossible'.

That started with you foremost before you arrived in the world.

  Then the Atlas Shrugs, and the locomotive chugs!


She believes, "it's an impossible assertion!"


He asserts. "faith in impossibility!"

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