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Launch of 'YourOneLife-YOL ' app
Convention Center, Jammu:  20th December 2021.
Presided by Honourable Lt. Governor J&K, Mr. Manoj Sinha

The launch could have happened anywhere.
Why Jammu, J&K ..?
For decades J&K has been the sandstorm in the eyes of the world media.
Seven years ago, something devastating happened in Paris and following is my facebook post that in response to the greatest vexing that humankind has faced and has been the mindless cause of strife.
Whose god is it, anyways?

It wasn't enough that i posted, i chose to go further and study happiness.

"Happiness is absolute. Then we have stuff and beliefs and more stuffed beliefs that like placebos; with which we continue to please ourselves in the name of happiness."

Read on under the link, "Inspiration of the app" 


Whose God is it anyways!

AICTE has recommended that this be offered as an audit course where the students may be treated as cleared or withheld on the basis of:

1) over 15 minutes of usage per day. Synonymous with each student’s ME-Time for reflection.

2) 70% and above happiness index

2)  60% and above originality

3) equality of mindshare in each aspect of their life. Thus 100/12 aspects or approx 7-9% of overall posts for a specific period in each aspect.

4) a green mindmap 

In addition we have an AI engine that examines each user’s usage and issues daily counselling to the student.

This does not create any additional burden on the faculty other than institutionalising this as an audit course with the terms above clearly spelled out to students and that in turn enables the students to download, drive and derive happiness from the YOL app.

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