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I was led to study the 'stuff factory' or the mind, the cerebral cortex, the two hemispheres of the mind and study neuroplasticity all the way to *artificial intelligence and *virtual reality and  how those final two *terms; oxymorons both,  have altered our mind share and mindmap...

The slopes are perfect, the snow under the skis set, even as the skier negotiates the moguls on the slopes with adrenaline pumping the mind, the truth is; its all downhill...only we are now being managed by technology.
That makes us bionic...or does it?...and that brought me back to the need to restore three basic pillars of each human being:

1) Mindmap
It is true that our environment such as. the surrounding imagery, the chatter, the whisper et al, around us, impacts our imagination and sets our compass, speed and the direction on our mindmap as we sail.So created as part of the app a MINDMAP that you view even as you create whether it is created mindfully or  mindlessly.
So, cruise on!
2) Mindshare
Our mind remains ever searching, ever ready to be woken up and responds to our environment and stimuli with curiosity and that in turn manifests as the top of our mind or dominant thought. With newer opportunities and apps to engage this mind now moves into a state of flux and each new engagement on the web is like a new neuron synapse or gateway that becomes captive with the next new app.While we in this state of haze mindlessly like, or forward or paste links that we forget within the next few minutes just as easily. Check if you remember what you liked this morning?QED: mindless!So we created a catchment for mindshare. Where we show you just how much is your mind thinking of the twelve picket fences that we spoke of in the video above.
So, cruise on!
3) Mind-Mine:
With the above two sorted, we figured, if the idea was to save our mindmap and mindshare from being eroded, whisked away, stolen  and used by other popular social media of the day, an act which can be termed as 'consuming' us whereby we get consumed as fuel for these social media sites.

It is about time that we reclaimed that as well. 

So we created a timeline that establishes each post that is input by the user as original or copied. we verify it from the same net from where the user may be copying it and if found original we reward the user with an NFT. Thus for example, for the month of March if the user put up 100 posts and only 20 of those posts were original, we show the user his or her own position in a peer ranking as 20% real/80% copied. This inspires the user to MINE originality of thought and expression.So, cruise on!

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