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Yogi presents a distillate of life

 "Epitaph Vs. Life".

He has straddled several carousels. Life; he

avers is a spectacular game of Rugby in a park.

Some hits, some misses, some takes, some mistakes! 


It is a game that is played and scored only on the epitaph!

A self taught life coach. Here he presents a scorecard. 

He hides in the folds of his writings, the shh…

secret to beating one's anxious collywobbles.

This is his journey where he de-mists life in search of a Mojo (Talisman)and demystifies life's Ikigai (Purpose) leading to a sunset in gold.

He has two guiding beliefs:


Everything that one is or has was once considered impossible. Have faith in impossibility!


Opinions can be self-limiting. Remain curious rather than anxious when you meet those opinions beyond your own.


Enjoy this breathtaking journey between two consecutive breaths or their pulsing.

The distance between the two determines life or beyond.

From the corporate world to being a 'HappyPreneur', his journeys have taken him across US, UK and India.

His last formal assignment was with Microsoft India. He is the current Commissioner Attaché to the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

"Writings are the geometry of the soul.

It draws its depth from the

dimensions of  a life lived"






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