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Each institutional user updates her or his life aspects.
Each update qualifies to be evaluated for grant of 1 NFT as per the below norms.

The release of NFTs provides the user more than the NFT. it provides the user her/his:

1. Creativity index

2. Mindshare

3. Mindmap


Following is the process:

1. Consumption Vs Creation by user: Checks creativity quotient.


Each ORIGINAL update earns for the user a unique valuable NFT.

Originality is checked by sieving that post through google and ascertaining its provenance and authenticity. We understand that users tend to use quotes from some people such as Steve jobs or Bill gates etc. such quotes will be entitled to NFTs only if the user uses an equal number or more of words to explain that quote. This has been designed to check each user's innovation, originality of thought and creativity.



Only an innovative and creative user offers her/his mind to even institutional. motivation. A user with a low level of creativity is a passive part of the institution that cannot be motivated any more than the fizz in the soda bottle that opens and finishes. This improves the institution's ability to identify potential high performers.


Each post is checked for its originality before grant of an NFT.

Aspects that are updated regularly entitle the user to NFTs and remain green.

Aspects that are not updated for a week turn yellow and the NFTs accumulated under that aspect are reduced to 50%.

Aspects that are not updated for two weeks turn red and the NFTs accumulated under that aspect are reduced to 25%

Aspects that are not updated for three weeks turn grey and all NFTs accumulated under that aspect are removed,


 This checks user ‘CONSUMPTION’ from internet Vs. user ‘CREATION’ on internet. Thus this produces the originality quotient. Viz;  of 100 posts only 20 were original thereby 20% originality. or 20 NFTs


2. Mindshare of user


The 12 aspects as you may have noticed have been designed to cover all of life. A user's life based on the study of human mind can be compared to the user's house. The health of light. life, energy and protection of that house is vested in the 12 picket fences around the house, that must always be seen healthy. lending too much focus on only a few pickets reduces focus on other pickets. All these must remain in view all the time.

From any period such as a week, a month or a semester we depict through a dial the user’s accumulation of the total number of posts in each aspect versus the total number of over all posts.

Thus for a month if the user has posted 500 times and of those 500 posts only 25 posts were sent to the user’s : Health and fitness bucket, that shows the user’s mind share towards her/his health and fitness  at 5%.

We use an AI engine at the backend that also issues a daily counselling advise to the user with respect to the variances in the mindshare utilisation. Ideal mindshare distribution range is between 7% to 9.5%.. a variance of 0.5% above or below 9.5% or 7% can trigger neuroplatcity where the  user continues to work with the dominant aspects only thereby weakening the other aspects.


Our biological bodies are massive chemical factories that work because of a complex combinations of salts where all these work in tandem and in the exact ratio and proportion under ideal conditions. Disease is a factor of the combinations that do not work due to reduced or excessive secretion of chemicals. The generation of these chemicals is in turn dependant upon the intake of the external factors through their assimilation by our 5 senses. Just as a variance of 0.005 mg of a chemical such as sodium or calcium in the blood stream can upset the entire apple cart.


3.  Mind-map of the user


From any 3 week period the user’s mind map is the map of green (aspects updated), yellow (aspects ignored by a week), red (aspects ignored for over two weeks) and grey (aspects forgotten beyond three weeks) 



This ensures an equitable connect of the user with all her/his life aspects and the color variation prompts action from the user to ensure that the user works with a green mind map.



All of the above are shared with the user showing her or him their position in a peer ranking.


This helps both the user and the institution: take charge of their life by:

1.  Assess their consumption Vs Creation\

2.  Assess their mind share

3.  Assess their mind map

4.  Assess their happiness quotient

5.  Assess and make the user aware of the spatial and temporal aspects of their own life

6.  Reclaims mindshare lost to external social media and brings it back to the closer life at the institution/ organistaion.           


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