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My foremost teachers:
Maj Ahluwalia,  climbed Mt Everest in 1965. Post his return from Everest within a few months he received a bullet injury in his spine and he spent all his life until 2022 on a wheel chair raising another Everest around himself.
He created The Indian spinal injuries centre, New Delhi, India. and was awarded by several national honours including the highest civilian honour-Padma Bhushan
He is now part of the milky celestial space. 
Of success and happiness he had this to say, "There are perhaps two moments of perfect harmony on a mountain ascent. 
The first, when the mountaineer stands at the base of his prize squinting up, eyes skittering over the paths to the top.  The mountain waits; the climber is restless.
The second, when the climber and peak stand, feet on shoulder, gazing down at the same view, united in the shadow they cast. 
These are the two moments when the rest of the world fades away—the first in the rush of possibilities and the second in the hush of triumph—uniting mountain and mountaineer like no other.
When you can acknowledge that the pioneering spirit is only meant to be subsumed by the purpose. It leaves your ego awash in the shadow and your higher purpose aching."
He would quote from the holy book of the Sikhs, " Mann Neevan te Matt Uchchi,'
You attain happiness by keeping your purpose higher and your person insignificant."

That led me to research a purpose that was universal and applied to all individuals universally.
That led me to the UN SDGs. 


Maj. H.P.S. Ahluwalia

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