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"Happiness is a program that is taught across some of the world's finest institutions such as Harvard, MIT, etc.


Happiness is not a destination, it must become a companion of each journey across all stages of life.

Keeping in mind the recently introduced INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS, we shall shortly be introducing a credit course in happiness at the foundation level from the oncoming current session. Further keeping in mind that Happiness must not only be seeded; rather grow and reinforce itself in the grain of a learner, it shall be followed through across all the streams and semesters. Here is a program that has ben designed and will impact the lives of the students alongside making happiness an imperative part of learning.

I attach a white paper authored by Mr. Yogi Kochhar for the reference of all concerned. All institutions affiliated with the Sardar Patel University are advised to follow the schedule of activities below."

Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan P. Patel 










This GAMIFIED PROGRAM is being being introduced to enhance the 'EQ' AND 'IQ' of the students that is MORE IMPORTANT to the EMPLOYERS than the academic scores.                          It impacts their cognitive, spatial and temporal faculties of the mind.

ref: White paper


Students will now EARN NFTs.

     1.   CHAMP PROGRAM that may be downloaded and sent to all the students.

   2.  CLICK HERE to register.  

     3.   All students and institutions shall be judged for their happiness rankings by the app. 

            For any further details: pl write to yogi@yol or call +919958585370

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