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Mon, 20 Dec


Launch of YOL-YourOneLife app

Launch of YOL-YourOneLife app

This will forever change the user and usage of internet! The YOL app is going to reverse the barrel of the telescope from the world around to 'you' first...Choose to join for "you" first on YourOneLife

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Time & Location

20 Dec 2021, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Launch of YOL-YourOneLife app


About the event


The Lt Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Sh Manoj Sinha, is launchig a unique ‘Happiness’ app titled “YourOneLife-YOL” developed by Yogesh Kochhar and his company Royster Resources and approved by AICTE. Yogesh has boot strapped this start up as a “made in India” company with his friend, Anoop Bansal. 

AICTE is the higher education regulator in India that regulates 12000 colleges and over 7 million students

The Lt Governor pointed out, “how the young and old remain immersed and in a state of ‘SOAKING’ in the internet, instead of  ‘SEEKING’ from the Internet for development. In the melee, most come and go from No’where to Now’here to No’where.”

He positioned this trend where “the commercial entities have replaced their appetite for the ‘market share’ with ‘Mind-share’. Thus tools such as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Virtual reality’, are making intelligent; artificial and reality; virtual. While he lauded the technological developments in the VR and AI space, he equally stressed the need to protect our personal mindshare that gets compromised as it gets herded and hoarded depleting the ability of users to exercise their minds.”

The founder of the app aptly titled: YourOneLife, says:

“This app will redefine ‘USERS’ and ‘USAGE’. This app will show to the user in fascinating manner, her own ‘MINDMAP’and ‘MINDSHARE’ and enable them to protect it from getting eroded or hoarded. It maps and manages the user’s stress and happiness levels. We will be building a unique block chain with all the users and institutions as our ‘partners’ and not mere ‘users’. To further amplify that, he pointed to Facebook that is valued at 1 Trn USD with approx. with 3 billion ‘USERS’, where each user mind-share is worth approx. USD 400 as part of the 1 Trn. for FACEBOOK. While the use of Facebook for most usere yields nothing."

The Chairman AICTE, Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, remarks, “By ‘seeking’ in the Internet with a purpose we can build potential. By ‘soaking’in the Internet we merely become floating food for digital and social media companies. We even pay for the bandwidth for them to fish our minds.”

Prof Sahasrabudhe quoted,  “Desmond Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace prize in 1984 said, “when missionaries came to Africa, we had the land , they had the bible. They said lets close our eyes and pray. We did. When we opened our eyes, we had the bible and they had the land”. This happiness app will enable us to release the first and foremost happiness index for students in the world on the 20th March which is assigned as the “Happiness Day” by UN.  India ranks on the 139thposition in the world happiness rankings and this will give a boost to our rankings with over 5 million students and their friends joining this unique platform.”

He says, “YourOneLife is a tool that collates, calibrates and celebrates Happiness.. It helps to cut through this fog of internet and digital media and reverses the barrel of the social telescope upon the user first. “

The Lt. Governor says, “I also encourage university, schools and even the Govt to adopt this, so that every one of us may be able to assess our own happiness index and in turn enable our parent organizations to celebrate happiness on the 20th March each year which is the “world happiness day”.

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