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Welcome to your happiness resource center.. This is in line with the AICTE notification (attached) making HAPPINESS involving Social and Emotional (SEL) as an Essential and Mandatory course. Pl register as per directions below. Once registered, a confirmation of compliance as required by AICTE shall be released to you by us.


NEP   has noted  SEL as a CRUCIAL COMPONENT of the education system and hence AICTE APH 24-27  makes it an ‘essential’ component to be introduced in the institutions. It emphasises the holistic development of learners, encompassing cognitive, social and emotional aspects. Our students’ minds are today hijacked and consumed by phone screen time of 6+hours each day that severely restrains their creativity and hijacks their happiness. It is also the main reason for stress.

Your registration requires all students to download the ai enabled YOL app.


This is to be adopted as 1 credit curriculum (attached) blended with all subjects, across all semesters for each student. The course is entirely on the ai enabled YOL app that also undertakes assessment without the need for any additional faculty or infrastructure.  


Students are evaluated on a percentile scale on 9 parameters. These are: 1.Social learning 2.Emotional learning, 3.Mind-map, 4. mind share, 5. left brain, 6. right brain, 7. IQ 8. EQ 9. Happiness Index. The app also counsels each student privately.  These are the MORE IMPORTANT aspects and assessments for the EMPLOYERS than the academic scores. 

It impacts their cognitive, spatial and temporal faculties of the mind.

Attached is the  White paper

     1.  CLICK HERE  to register. Upon registration, you may attach the confirmation  we send you with                  your application for renewal to AICTE . Your registration will also enable you to  download the   


     2.  You are required to REGISTER HERE for a New Age Happiness Center and an incubator cum                       accelerator for IP in your campus duly certified by the World Happiness Foundation  

    3.   All students and institutions shall be judged for their happiness rankings by the app.



For any further details pl write to:

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