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The AICTE APH 21-22 and 22-23 has included the Happiness Matrix scheme.

The program and curriculum has been approved by by AICTE in line with the NEP that recognizes the importance of social and emotional learning as a CRUCIAL COMPONENT of the education system. It emphasises the holistic development of learners, encompassing cognitive, social and emotional aspects. (Ref page 4 , para 1: )

This can be adopted as 1 or 2 credit curriculum  blended with all subjects, across all semesters for each student. The course is entirely on the YOL app including assessment and validation without the need for any additional faculty, infrastructure or academic council approval since it is only an addition to each subject.


Students are evaluated on a percentile scale on 9 parameters. These are: 1.Social learning 2.Emotional learning, 3.Mind-map, 4. mind share, 5. left brain, 6. right brain, 7. IQ 8. EQ 9. Happiness Index. The app also counsels each student privately.  These are the MORE IMPORTANT aspects and assessments for the EMPLOYERS than the academic scores.


It impacts their cognitive, spatial and temporal faculties of the mind.


Attached is the  White paper

     1.  CLICK HERE ( For colleges and universities) to register for the Happiness program and 

          awards approved by AICTE and get your copies of the happiness handbook titled: Six Sigma                      Happiness.

     3.   All students and institutions shall be judged for their happiness rankings by the app. 

           For any further details: pl write to yogi@yol or call +919958585370

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